Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Development Sessions

We’ve created a safe and sacred space to cultivate inner peace, get grounded and centered while awakening and expanding your intuitive abilities. Each class includes a meditation and a meaningful lesson for improving your life, steering you towards deeper fulfillment while enhancing your spiritual gifts. Come and experience our sessions and re-awaken to your path…

  • Improve Your Life in Meaningful Ways
  • Awaken and Develop your Spiritual Gifts
  • Tap into your Guidance System
  • Open to Heightened Awareness
  • Access Deeper Levels of Fulfillment
  • Balance and Align your Energetic Body
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Connect with Like-Minded People

Each session includes… Guided Meditations, Intuitive Development Exercises, Lessons on Spirituality, Healing and Holistic Living.

Join Us

New time for Fall/Winter
Monday, 11am – 1pm
Monday, 7pm – 9pm

Sessions held in Baldwin

Please reserve a seat.
Sessions are $25.
In-person, group sessions only.

11AM to 1 PM -or- 7PM to 9PM


Temporarily Suspended

Please email Clare to be notified when the classes are rescheduled.

Sessions are $25.
In-person, group sessions only.