Past Webinars

Webinar: Lift & Reclaim Your Energy

Clearing Negative Energies

Thursday, May 31st
5pm Pacific | 8pm Eastern

Feeling weighed down by negative people or energies?  Overwhelmed by circumstances that are out of your control?  If you are struggling with low energy, no motivation, indecisiveness, confusion and/or frustration — you need change, but how can you move back into a positive frequency when there is so much chaos around you?
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Webinar: Quantum Portaling

Thursday, March 29
5pm Pacific | 8pm Eastern

Materialize Your Vision into your Current Reality more quickly and with greater ease. Learn how to shift your path from one of Probability to Possibility!
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Webinar: Demystifying Channeling

Monday, February 26
5pm Pacific | 8pm Eastern

Did you know, right now you have many guides around you who are looking forward to you becoming aware of their presence and are waiting for you to tune into their messages? In this webinar you will learn about Channeling, what it is, how it works and how to experience it! You will be guided to clear your energy, raise your vibration and connect with the Channel within you.
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