Ascended Master Ascension Activations

Ascended Master Ascension ActivationsConnect with the Ascended Masters to receive vibrational Attunements that will Raise your Vibration, Elevate your Consciousness and facilitate Alignment with your Divine Self.

Join us on the 1st Thursday of each month and experience the
Transformative Energy of the Ascended Masters

The Ascension process is already underway on planet Earth. It is an evolutionary process that involves the Expansion of Human Consciousness and the Awakening of Human Potential. Each of us is truly an Ascended Master in training!

Ascended Masters are Great Cosmic Beings who were once students of Earth and now serve humanity in the process of Awakening and Ascension. These Beings of Light have lived multiple lifetimes and have graduated from the Earth plane by balancing their Karma and mastering the Ascension process. They no longer have a physical body, but because they did, they can relate to humanity on a very intimate and practical level.

When we invite their Wisdom, Enlightenment and Divine Intervention into our lives we receive healing frequencies that recalibrate us to the higher vibrations, so we may integrate our Light Body with Ease and Grace, allowing us to open to greater Peace, Love, Joy, Gratitude and Abundance across all areas of our lives.

No matter where you are in your evolution, their messages are timely and they will assist you in achieving a state of Trust, Unity and Oneness with Life. These great beings of light walk beside you and love you beyond what you can imagine. They are your friends and co-creators and their teachings will empower you.

  • Each month you will be Attuned to a different Ascended Master and learn how they can assist you in your life
  • You will be gently guided to merge with their Healing Energy, Wisdom, Love, Guidance and Encouragement
  • As we individually expand our consciousness and shift into a higher frequency, we are co-creating a new paradigm or worldview. Everyone on planet Earth is benefiting and we are establishing Heaven on Earth

Each month you will meet a different Ascended Master. Some of the Masters who will come to serve include, but are not limited to: Saint Germain, Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Isis, Sanat Kumara, Babaji, Lakshmi, Saint Francis and Melchizedek.

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