Become a Magical Moon Manifestor

Magical Moon Manifesting with Clare HollywoodIf you’d like to learn how to consciously manifest with the Magic of the Moon and live a more fulfilling and inspired life, this workshop is for you!

Getting in touch with the Moon and its cycles can increase your personal power and help you to create the life you desire with greater ease — whether you want to improve your health, career, finances or relationships.

You will discover…

  • the essential principles of manifesting to supercharge your dreams into reality
  • a step-by-step process, to use the power of the Moon to magnetize your heartfelt desires into your life
  • why the moon is considered feminine and how aligning with her helps you to manifest with less effort
  • how to work in tandem with each lunar phase and make the most of it
  • why working with the signs of the zodiac will accelerate your results

Each Lunar phase gives you a spiritual clean slate on which to launch a new beginning. With this knowledge you can step into your power, feel more confident and enhance your manifestation powers throughout your life’s journey. All this, while having fun creating the life of your dreams!

Join Our Workshop

Wednesday, February 12th

Investment: $25

Location: A Time for Karma
14 S Village Ave.
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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