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If this is your goal, quality Essential Oils are an integral piece of the puzzle. They are a safe & natural solution for your health & wellness goals. Every essential oil contains compounds with unique therapeutic benefits and health properties.

Essential oils are the aromatic liquids found within shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, resins and seeds. Some people like to call essential oils “nature’s living energy, the life force, immune system or soul of the plant.”

Essential oils have been used for over 5,000 years, across many cultures for their health-supporting benefits. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans and Chinese have used them for centuries to improve physical, mental & emotional & spiritual health. There are many references to essential oils in historical texts as well as the bible, which signify their importance in history…

  • Heal your life, enhance your well-being, establish inner balance, harmony & serenity
  • Enhance your spiritual practice & raise your vibration
  • Support the release of negative emotions, habits, weight & toxins
  • Protect your family & pets; maintain a healthy home with all things healthy, natural & non-toxic
  • Aromatherapy solutions for home and school to improve focus, stress relief, sleep & happiness
  • Hundreds of DIY natural solutions for health & home
  • Use topically, for ingestion (Vitality line only) and/or aromatherapy

Essential oils are a natural and affordable way offer to restore our body’s healthy electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Their subtle presence gently resonates with our body’s electrical fields aiding and restoring harmonic health and well-being on all levels.

Many hospitals use Young Living essential oils as part of their integrated health care solutions.

They are highly concentrated healing compounds, extracted directly from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree. Just one drop can have powerful health benefits. These therapeutic oils are the highly developed immune system of the plant, protecting the plant from insects and helping them adapt to their surroundings.

Clean Home & Healthy Environment

Boost Your Immune SystemThere has never been a more important time to go toxin-free than right now. We spend a tremendous amount of time inside, and our homes contain many hazardous products.

From antiperspirants to toilet bowl cleaner, skin care products and “air fresheners,” we have become the guinea pigs of the modern chemical revolution; burdening ourselves with unprecedented amounts of nutrition-lacking foods, lifestyle hazards and chemical compounds that our bodies are unequipped to deal with.

But you can support your health, home & your body again. Take things one step at a time; remember slow change is better than no change! So tackle things one room or one product at a time until you’ve transformed your home, because you and your loved ones deserve it!

It’s time replace those unhealthy cleaning supplies with all-natural cleaning products. Many of today’s cleaning products contain toxic chemicals which, when inhaled or touched, can harm you, your family, your pets and the environment. The chemicals in common cleaning products can cause a variety of health problems, especially for our respiratory system. Using natural Essential Oil Cleaning products is a great alternative.

To get a picture of how powerful they are, consider this; it requires 1,400,000 handpicked ROSE blossoms to produce a liter of rose essential oil. A single ounce of this oil contains the essence of 40,000 rose blossoms and sixty-seven roses give only one drop of essential oil.

Boost Your Immune System

Essential Oils can be used to prevent and fight infections due to their antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties.
essential oil support the immune system
My favorite: Thieves Spray is a portable essential oil spray that’s ideal for cleaning small surfaces. Freshen counters, sinks, door handles, toilets, and more using only naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and the powerful spicy-citrus scent of Thieves essential oil blend. Safe to use around children and the perfect size to throw in a purse, backpack or luggage, a bottle of Thieves Spray is ideal to keep with you wherever you go!

I love using Thieves Spray on: shopping carts, light switches, kitchen sinks, door knobs, public toilet seats, bathroom counters, smelly shoes and more! Plus it’s safe to use around your whole family, including children and pets. Try the waterless hand sanitizer and household cleaner too.

Chemical based antibacterial agents, contribute to the growing problem of bacteria mutating into strains that are more drug-resistant.

Here are just two of the best EO’s to support the immune system…

  • Myrrh is a resin, or sap-like substance, that is one of the most widely used essential oils in the world. Historically, it was used to treat hay fever, clean and heal wounds and stop bleeding. Studies conclude that myrrh oil has anti-infective properties and can help boost your immune system with its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. A 2012 study validated myrrh’s enhanced antimicrobial efficacy when used in combination with frankincense oil against a selection of pathogens.
  • Oregano essential oil is known for its healing and immune-boosting properties. It fights infections naturally due to its anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-parasite compounds.

Raise Your Vibration

Dr. Robert O. Becker, in his book The Body Electric, tells us that the human body has an electrical frequency, and also that much about a person’s health can be determined by its frequency levels. It is estimated that the healthy human body vibrates in the range of 62 to 68 MHz.

Using high vibrating Essential Oils can raise your vibration instantly. The measured frequencies of essential oils begin at 52 MHz, the frequency of basil oil, and go as high as 320 MHz — the frequency of rose oil.
rose essential oil

Nature’s First Aid Kit

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

Having an Essential Oil First Aid Kit on hand for the everyday wound, sting, bite, sunburn, muscle pain or injury is a great idea. Essential oils are used widely as natural remedies, without the side effects of conventional drugs.

Why Young Living Essential Oils…

I did many hours of research to find an essential oil company that I felt I could trust. For me and my clients, using Essential Oils is part of a holistic lifestyle. Young Living has been around for more than 20 years and they’re committed to providing the highest quality Essential Oils.

Young Living’s whole Seed-to-Seal process is what makes Young Living the world leader in the cultivation and distillation of pure essential oils. There is no other company in the world that can match Young Living’s Seed to Seal process.

Young Living begins by selecting and growing from quality non-GMO seeds, planting in rich soil and in climates that the botanicals will thrive in. No chemicals touch their fields and no weed killers are ever used. Plants are carefully harvested at just the right time and distilled using low temps and low pressure, with every batch of oil subject to multiple in-house tests, and submitting to third-party sources for testing also. All of this allows them to formulate, package and market pure, genuine therapeutic-grade essential oils. It is much more expensive to do this, but the only real way to have truly organic essential oils! Most other companies broker their oils and have less power to influence the final product.

Young Living owns the world’s largest herb farms and is the world leader in the cultivation and distillation of essential oils. Young Living is unique in the world of essential oils due to their many farms and distilleries across five continents. Their farms are one huge way that Young Living stays above the competition.

Young Living not only owns many of their own farms but they also partner with a few, select partner farms and co-op farms, who are willing to commit to Young Living’s extraordinary standards, the highest in the industry, which they have come to be known for. All partner farms and essential oil distillation facilities are subject to site inspection by Young Living. ALL distillers wanting to sell their oils to Young Living are required to submit samples to be analyzed in their state-of-the-art facilities, to ensure that the oil meets their stringent standards, and that all the constituents that make the oil therapeutic-grade are present in the right percentages. Most essential oil companies distill their plants for the same amount of time, using high temps and high pressure and use chemicals during distillation to increase the yield in low yield plants.

You can have a pure oil, but if the plant is distilled at the wrong time of day or with incorrect distillation procedures, the constituents that make the oils therapeutic will not be there, and you will not have a therapeutic-grade profile.

Few companies can maintain the strict standards that Young Living does as it relates to where it comes from, how it’s grown and how it is processed.

Young Living starter kit

The Premium Starter Kit is the BEST VALUE to begin.
It includes a diffuser, 12 of the most useful essential oils, Thieves and NingXia Red samples and even more for only $165. The Basic Starter kit is the inexpensive way to start at only $35.

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The only brand of Essential Oils that I can comfortably recommend is Young Living. Young Living has strict standards and controls for their organic & therapeutic grade EO’s. Their Seed to Seal process is head and shoulders above any other essential oil company!

It is easy to order Young Living Essential Oils online, from anywhere in the world. Young Living is the world leader in therapeutic grade essential oils today.

Becoming a wholesale member is the best value, you can buy EO’s at 24% off retail. I am happy to explain the options and help you make the best selections for your needs. Just call or text at 516-978-1898.

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Clare Hollywood
Independent Distributor ID# 1930771

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