Testimonials for Clare Hollywood, Healthy Alchemy

Clare has been a true and inspiring mentor to me! I first met her when I attended a few of her classes and very quickly just knew that she was going to be instrumental in guiding me on my spiritual path.

In the Fall of 2019 I was ready for my next step – I needed to know more about my soul’s purpose and why certain patterns kept repeating in my life. Clare read my Akashic Records and when we met and discussed, EVERYTHING in my life made sense! With Clare’s guidance I have gained insight into past lives, experiences, lessons and choices I have made and I am learning to perceive my life from a much higher perspective. I now view every day through the lenses that Clare has enlightened me to, and I am living from the perspective that everything and everyone that comes into my life is truly a blessing or a blessing in disguise. “Everything is being done for you,” is my mantra!

I recently finished a group class with Clare on managing the ascension energies and raising your consciousness level (I’m a Lightworker, Now What?). Something resonated with me at each of the 10 sessions, and the class tied in perfectly with my Akashic Records reading. I am getting better and better at being in the Universal flow and trusting that all will be as it should be, no matter how it seems in the moment and on the physical plane.

I will forever be grateful for the blessings Clare has enabled me to unlock in my life and in the lives of those around me. I am filled with joy and serenity when I am able to use one the gifts she has helped me to discover and strengthen in myself, especially if it is in the service of another.

Clare has been a most special gift to me!

— Stacy C.
Garden City, NY

I met Clare by chance while I was working at a previous job. Not necessarily believing 100% in what she was all about, I felt very comfortable with her and took a chance on one of her services (releasing emotional baggage) due to having some issues at the time that seemed ongoing and unsolvable. I was so moved and passionate about what we had gone over during that first session back in August of 2016 that I continued to go to a weekly workshop for the next two years. Her teachings and style have made the most positive and helpful effects on my life. From emotional, to educational, and intellectual as well as spiritual. I have now done the following services: Akashic record, past life and soul exploration, spiritual healing, releasing emotional baggage, and energy awakening. All of these services I truly valued and was able to take away impactful life changes as well as needed wake up calls. A lot of very important things have changed in my life due to Clare, and all for the absolute better. If you are thinking of contacting Clare for one of her services, do not hesitate and just do it. It’ll be the best decision you ever make!

— Samantha M.
Levittown, NY

About four years ago, I signed up for one of Clare’s meditation classes out of curiosity. I was going through a rough time in my life and I wanted to use more of a spiritual approach to heal myself and deal with anything that would come my way. LET ME TELL YOU: BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE , CLARE CHANGED MY LIFE. Through her weekly workshops , I’ve had the opportunity to learn various techniques to meditate , to shut the noise to say the least. My journey has been and continue to be transformative. It takes practice , it takes determination, honesty and resilience and I can firmly say without Clare, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She helped me rediscover and love myself in a way I didn’t think was possible. Through her transparency she allowed me and I’m sure others to relate and to feel comfortable, to be vulnerable and to be ourselves. I am navigating the world with a better mindset , with more gratitude and more joy than I have in the past . I urge you to attend one of Clare’s workshop, remove all doubts, fears and expectations , and begin your own transformative journey. Because ultimately , with a great teacher, all is achievable and Clare will help you and more .

—Tai D.
Baldwin, NY

I honestly can’t even sum up the ways in which Clare has changed my life. She taught me how to channel my energy, let go of the past and have clarity moving into the future. She’s a wealth of knowledge, there’s not one question I’ve had in terms of spiritual teaching that Clare did not only answer but give me directive I.e. books, YouTube videos and hands on tools. I am forever grateful to have found her.

— Sirah O.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Clare is amazing! The energy work she does will leave you feeling renewed & she has SO much information and knowledge to offer to help you along your spiritual journey. Highly recommended!

— Jennifer B.
Islip Terrace, NY

Clare is an amazing teacher and gifted healer. I’ve been a client of Clare’s for 3 years and have received amazing results. Clare is also very generous with her time and extensive knowledge and makes her intuitive development classes fun— I always come away learning something. I can truly say I’ve become a better person because of her.

— Ann B.

I have been a client of Healthy Alchemy for over 3 years and I am so grateful for the services provided. I have received so much information that has guided my personal development in a beautiful direction. I attribute much of the peace and happiness I feel now to the work I’ve done with Healthy Alchemy, and I am so grateful to be a client. It’s is well run, organized business and the return for your investment is high. I recommend without reservation!

— Cathleen M.
Garden City, NY

Clare is an amazing healer and teacher as well as a kind, compassionate soul. I’ve known Clare for a little over year attending her classes and using her services and she never disappoints. Recently I saw her because I felt exhausted and I was having difficulty focusing; I felt I was losing my mind. Clare explained my chakras were weak and out of balance also there were energy blocks that needed to be cleared. After she worked her magic I felt amazing! My energy is normal and I am now grounded and not spacey. I even had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months. I highly recommend Clare Hollywood.

— Ann B.

Thank you so much Clare. Everything you have taught me over the past few years has helped me more than I can say in all facets of my life. Today was especially powerful and exactly what I needed. I’m so grateful that we connected. I consider you to be one of my many blessings and dear people in my life!

— Sara S.

Clare came to do an Energy Clearing of my home. We have only been in the house for about a year and it just didn’t feel like home. When I first met Clare, she was so pleasant! She got started right away, and carefully listened to my concerns. Clare allowed me to be part of the process which was really special for me. She gave me great information and tips on what I can do to keep my house feeling good. Her positive perspective helped me to be more positive and the little changes she suggested have helped tremendously. Our house is feeling more like home thanks to Clare.

— Alison W.

Clare I am forever grateful to you and to your Guides. Before I worked with you on the Akashic Record I was very negative and hated life. I was confused and plagued with fears. But my reading changed all that. Everything you told me during the consultation made sense and gave me hope. Now I love life and I feel great. Everything looks different/wonderful. No more fears, no more anxieties. It was amazing that my fear of driving left me on the 2nd day—that’s a big deal for me as I drive more than 2 hours daily to and from work. Thanks a million Clare you have given me a new perspective in life.

— Marie P.

I’m so glad I booked an Akashic Record Consultation with Clare. I thought the reading was extremely helpful and I have learned a lot from this lesson. Also, as from what I see, it has changed my thoughts and re-assurance in a positive way. I am happy that I found Clare, as I was lost at first and now I find myself doing better, more positive thinking. I was amazed on how much doing the 21-day prayer helped me to relieve my anger spears that I had against me. At first I was skeptical when doing this assignment, but as I continued my prayers, I saw a huge change with my mother and with one of my ex-husband. Also, I noticed that my confidence and my natural instincts came quickly and I am listening as I move forward. As in my past, I failed to listen and things always went downhill. Now, as I am more aware of my instincts and self-assurance, I feel much more stronger in decision making than ever before. This prayer truly works if you put your mind and heart into it.

— Maria C.

Contacting Clare to have my Akashic record read was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made. I learned so much about my soul and my purpose. The information she shared resonated with me in such a deep way. I learned so much about myself. She was able to help me find the blocks and negative issues I had in my past that are affecting me in this life. After doing my homework and talking to Clare I feel like a burden has been lifted from me. I could feel the shift in my energy body, from being trapped to being more open and in tuned with myself. This reading was life changing, and will definitely help me live a more fulfilled life.

— Giulia

As an avid reader on health and spirituality, I was aware that emotions can affect your health. However, before I met Clare I certainly did not know that someone could assist you to almost instantly heal, by helping you release trapped emotions. I have to say I was highly skeptical. Now I know and unequivocally say Clare is an amazing, kind, helpful person.

Working with this gifted healer, I actually wept tears of joy, as I felt lighter, calmer and transformed inside. Clare is a beautiful, positive person. She is intuitive to you and has the ability to help you find your very own inner peace and help your soul’s light shine.

Clare works with energy, the Angels, reiki, alchemy, the Akashic record and her knowledge is amazing. She is a wonderful teacher, and I have participated in Clare’s classes to help my own spirituality grow.

I am truly grateful and blessed that I have met Clare.

I highly recommend that you let Clare help you identify your blocks and facilitate healing within yourself.

— JoAnn, Wantagh, NY

My work with Clare has been incredibly healing. She helped me release trapped emotions and we explored and cleared my Akashic record. Our work together has allowed me to face and work through fear that was blocking me in my life. Clare’s energy is beautiful to be around and I am looking forward to continuing my work with her in the future.

— Brooke N.

My Akashic Record reading with Clare was a phenomenal experience. She identified my soul group origins, primary energies and archangel realms and I immediately identified with the information she provided. The significant past lives negatively affecting my current life and the lessons to be learned were presented with clarity and insight. Most importantly, Clare was able to clear the blocks in my record and after doing my own “homework” I have emerged feeling so much lighter, happier and spiritually aware.

— Ellen N.

Recently I underwent an Akashic Record Healing with Clare Hollywood. We explored my Signature Vibration (Soul Blueprint), Archangel Realm of training, Primary Energies (Gifts), Soul Group of Origin, my life purpose in this current lifetime and MORE! This profound healing gave me the realization that I have choices in life — that being a victim is just a state of mind. I have experienced a lot of different healing modalities during my life, and what Clare offers is a very fundamental, highly effective level of transformative healing. If you are stuck in your life, have tried a number of healing therapies and cannot seem to find your way around – this could be for you. It was a great experience that allowed me to resolve past issues and view the present and future with confidence.

Clare is a very approachable, open, and an easy going person. She is supportive and non-judgmental in her approach. it was easy to feel safe. Her sincere ability to help you unravel and sort through issues in your life is deeply healing in itself, but when you add that to her remarkable skills — you are set to have a transformed experience which will change your life. I hope that anyone reading this testimonial who may perhaps be wondering if these techniques can help — let me just say, yes they can! Get the answers that you have been seeking so you too can reach your full potential. Clare is very knowledgeable, supportive, and professional and I would not hesitate in recommending her. Thanks again Clare for a wonderful experience!

— Alla Soskin

Thank you, Clare! The healing was truly an amazing experience.

During the healing, I was overcome by a feeling of well being and immense gratitude for the gift I was receiving. Tears of joy kept filling my eyes as my body released and I felt the energy flowing through you and into my body in waves of heat, yet your hands were cool to the touch. It was unbelievable! Today, I feel much calmer, more in control of my thoughts and emotions, my mind is clearer, my energy has increased and my spirits are noticeably uplifted. My body feels more fluid in movement and much lighter to carry. These changes are outwardly noticeable, too as people have commented on how I seem “different, more joyful ” while completely unaware of my healing experience with you. It’s hard to describe my transformation but it’s as if I’ve stepped up to a higher platform of inner peace and joyfulness. I remain in awe of the healing that took place, but it was yet a further confirmation of the spiritual dimension and its protection, guidance and love that awaits all who seek it. And you were my conduit!

Thank you for sharing your remarkable gifts with me and helping me move forward with a positive spirit and sense of excitement. I’m so grateful to have met you! You are truly blessed.

— Elisa

I wanted to thank you again for my healing experience. It was really awesome and I can’t deny that there are things inside myself that feel shifted since! My confidence has more oomph! I feel like my heart is very open at the moment and that’s a new and positive feeling for me :).

— Cathleen McFarland

Clare Hollywood is a gifted healer and talented teacher. She is warm and inviting and always willing to truly help you out with whatever you need, be it physical or emotional or by giving you insight into the spiritual/energy filled world during one of her classes. Through her healing sessions, she has helped me get rid of a chronic neck pain that I had for many years. After leaving her I felt great and couldn’t believe that the healing has lasted now for several months. She has shown me, through our discussions, what my triggers are for storing these trapped emotions that have caused these pains. I have since been able to recognize and avoid them.

Her sessions have also balanced my energy making me a clearer channel to receive information for my clients when they come to me for a spiritual or angel card reading. I have been to her several times for energy balancing. I have found such inner peace and clarity afterwards, that I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find balance in their life and find out why they are out of balance. One of the best parts of her healing sessions is the information that she gives you as she is reading your energy. She has been able to connect to my guides and give me insights that have helped me to connect with my spiritual path.

Clare also conducts many different classes during the week. During this time she shares all her insight and wisdom to help you progress on your spiritual journey. She is non-ego driven and shares everything that she has with her students to enable them to use all the tools she teaches to make their lives more fulfilling and again balanced.

— Darina Jorgensen

The first time I met Clare was about a year ago when she did an energy healing for me at a Psychic Fair. I was so intrigued following my energy healing because it opened up a new sense of being for me. I felt a calmness come over me and my stress level seemed to decrease significantly. Along with that, I just felt better balanced and have a more positive outlook on life. Since then, I have attended some of Clare’s Meditation and Intuitive Development classes along with some of the special events she holds. Clare has helped me understand and open up to certain feelings and occurrences I have had since childhood and enriched my spiritual growth. Following her Ascension Activation I feel like a new person. I’ve learned to let go of things that trouble me, focus on the positive and have a strong sense of confidence. It was like a rebirth; all of my negative energy had disappeared and has been replaced with a positive light that flows within. I highly recommend this for everyone. I am so grateful to Clare for all that she has given me this past year. Her positive energy and cheerfulness radiate onto everyone- she is truly an amazing and caring person!

— Christine, East Rockaway, NY

As a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Intuitive, I meet many people who are in the healing field. When I first saw Clare, I was blown away by her beautiful energy. Always positive and smiling, Clare’s gift of healing is truly amazing. Her guidance to healing one’s self is truly inspiring and a gift she so willingly bestows on all that go to her. Treat yourself, treat your soul and have a session of incredible healing with Clare.

— MaryAnn DiMarco, Psychic Medium/Spiritual Intuitive, NY

Clare took one of our comprehensive 6 day training retreats and we enjoyed her presence and dedication to learning the work. Clare has high standards and I would recommend anyone who desires to become awake for her services. Clare has our blessings to facilitate the Quantum Lightweaving work.

— Kenji Kumara, M.A., Founder, Quantum Lightweaving, http://kenjikumara.com

It is with sincere thanks and gratitude for Clare and her gifts. I came to Clare with my 8 year old daughter. She was having anxiety in school and having issues with feeling comfortable about herself. Clare did an energy clearing with my daughter and she was once again my confident and positive daughter. Clare also provided her with techniques such as tapping, chakra visualization and meditation techniques. She practices them regularly and is doing much better with her anxiety and self confidence. Thank you Clare for the light you brought back to my daughter!

— SCP, Bellmore, NY

I have been taking Clare’s classes for a few months now and LOVE them. I am blown away each week by how much Clare knows and how very cool and interesting the topics she introduces us to are. She never rushes out after class and most often invites everyone to stay a little longer for extra intuitive fun stuff. She kindly offered me a mini healing when she noticed I was having pain in my neck and holy cow…the energy that comes through her hands is amazing! I have also gone to a few of Clare’s events and love them just as much. The speakers were true experts in their fields with so much information to share and with so much personality to share them with. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Clare and so very happy to be soaking up her wisdom each week. Thank you Clare:))))!

— Justine, Centereach, NY

Overwhelmed with anxiety and the sense of having lost my true self, I was blessed with Clare. Clare brought light back into my life, I now know who I truly am. She opened a door to a level of spirituality that I never knew existed. I’ve met wonderful souls in her weekly classes and workshops. The experiences I have had are beyond words. Clare, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Maryann, Massapequa, NY

As a teacher/light worker for approximately twenty years, I have needed support at varying points in my life. I am going through another huge transition, and recently sought out a healer that mirrors my ideals and values. Clare Hollywood of Health Alchemy, mirrors these characteristics for me. Clare is a sensitive, highly intuitive healer/alchemist. She does much more than healing, though. She brings the wealth of talent and knowledge that she shares, so selflessly with her clients! Clare is open, kind, sincere, and passionate in her way of approaching a session. Clare’s professionalism allows for her to stop at nothing to provide the excellent level of service that I have experienced with her. Life is busy and chaotic lately. When I find myself overwhelmed and uncomfortable that is when I hear from Clare! Clare calls, just because she “feels a need to…” She is a breath of fresh air that is desperately needed during these times of a ‘quick-paced world’ in which we now live. If you are going through a transition in your life and need support/guidance, Clare will provide you with an eye-opening experience—YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. Now, what’s better than that!?!!!

— Veronica Groffel-Savarese, Educational Designer/ Light worker

I have had several energy healings with Clare and attended many of her meditation classes. She is angelic, a wonderful teacher and healer, you can really tell how much she cares. Her healings awaken something in my soul and help me on my path. I get useful guidance and feel enlightened afterward. She is extremely knowledgeable and informative. I really look forward to her classes, she is amazing!

— Emily M., Syosset, NY

I attend Clare’s weekly classes and have also had a healing done by Clare. Clare is a very generous, warm and gentle teacher. Clare’s classes provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for growing spiritually. I have met many wonderful people since being in Clare’s classes. Each week we practice a new intuitive skill and Clare always has so much guidance and information to offer. It is a wonderful place to meet with like minded people who are seeking and growing in their spirituality. The healing with Clare was an incredible experience. I have had other healings done, which were very good, but, for me, I believe that Clare’s was the best I have encountered. It was an extremely deep and meaningful experience. Clare truly helped to open me up during my healing and provided a significant amount of information about many aspects of my life, at the time, and the guides who were working with me. I was encouraged and motivated after my healing to explore the information that Clare had provided to me, to help me move forward in balancing my life. I am deeply appreciative for all that Clare has given me through her experience and incredible gifts and look forward to continuing working and growing with her.

— Jenni, East Rockaway, NY

In Clare’s presence I have a feeling of great calm. During my energy healing session, I received loving messages from my mother and grandfather in spirit and reassurance that they were watching over me, protecting me and sending signs! The healing brought me great peace and confidence. Following my session, I felt wonderful. I saw so many changes in myself over the coming weeks. I was looking at things differently, I began opening up to new experiences and my relationships were more harmonious. I have attended some of her classes as well. When I am in her groups, I feel strengthened and my gift of intuition is stronger. I believe Clare is truly gifted and connected. The work she does is transformational and I feel blessed to have her in my life.

— Anna, Huntington, NY

I experience such comfort, relaxation and divine spirituality in my energy sessions and classes with Clare. At times I don’t know how she knows the things she knows. She truly is amazing and has introduced me to a part of myself I didn’t know existed. It’s hard to put into words the feelings and things you experience! I look forward to the weekly class, I’ve meet great people and made new friendships. Clare is a caring and beautiful soul, the mediation techniques she’s taught me I use every day and have helped me in every part of my life. Thank you Clare, love you.

— Lenny L., Levittown, NY

There are many “healers” and “energy workers” out there.  I feel choosing the right one to work with is extremely important.  I trust Clare with my healing because I know her personally and she is someone who walks her walk.  This is her calling; it is what she is born to do, and she does it with authenticity, sensitivity, caring and love. Clare is a shining example of being true to yourself and following your dreams and she can help you re-discover yours and re-empower yourself to live in your highest truth.

— SoulFire, Founder, IgniteTheSoulFire.com

An Energy Healing with Clare is an awakening! Clare’s energy is of the purest love and light. I was able to release the emotions that no longer served me while making room for the light to enter for newness, revitalization and reawakening to All That I Am, the I Am Presence. I am so blessed to have Clare in my life.

— Anne, Greenlawn, NY

After attending Clare’s intuitive class I noticed many changes. One being, I felt more comfortable with my spirituality. I also was able to better my mediumship skills. It felt good to have the support system of the group. I was thankful for being surrounded by like minded people to help and support me on my spiritual path. I later had an energy healing session with Clare. Her compassionate spirit made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She was able to pin point what was causing me to have some health issues. Once I eliminated the source, I was feeling 100% better! I am thankful for her help otherwise I would still be dealing with this issue.

— Scarlett Aguirre, Merrick, NY

Since attending Clare’s weekly Intuitive Development/Meditation classes I have acquired the tools needed to conquer my anxiety issues and discover who I Am as a spiritual being.  Clare is very knowledgeable in her field, and her class material and exercises have rapidly propelled me forward on my spiritual path.  Being in the same room as Clare is a healing experience.  She gives you her full attention, takes the time to listen to your experiences and needs, and then empowers you to confidently break through your fears and issues.  She is so encouraging and comforting.  Since working with her I have experienced more peace and joy than I have felt in a very long time.  Thank you Clare for the services you provide, they have changed my life for the better!

— Tina S., Bayside, New York

Clare gives people the opportunity to be connected. From the moment I met her, she was warm and humble. When coming into her meditation and spiritual development class, she takes the experience at your pace. Even though everyone is at different places in their lives, Clare creates a warm open forum where people can connect spiritually.

— Melanie Milland, Rockville Centre, NY

Clare’s depth of understanding and ability to share her intuitive gifts makes attending her class a joy. She has a beautiful light and presence.

— Ellen N.

I began attending Clare’s intuitive development and meditation classes in early February. In the two short months that I have been there I have already learned so much. Clare provides a warm and caring environment where everyone can feel comfortable exploring their gifts and abilities. Clare is supportive and always willing to share what she knows. I can honestly say I plan on attending Clare’s classes for a long time. Thank you for offering something so wonderful to developing light workers like myself.

— A. Cappello, NY

I came to one of Clare’s workshops with an open mind so that I could be able to understand clearly how it feels to speak to our loved ones who have passed. Having no expectations, I was moved by the way my son-law was connecting to me and the way he was giving me a message to give to my daughter and grand-children. When I told them of my experience and relayed the message to them they were crying as if he was speaking to them. Clare, thank you so much for sharing your blessing with us.

— SB, Queens NY