Energy Tools for Empaths

Energy Tools for Empaths workshop

  • Do you struggle with anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion?
  • Have you been told that you’re too sensitive, intense or need to get a thicker skin?
  • Do you sense the energy of others and attract needy or wounded people?
  • Do you need lots of solitude to recover from public spaces and energy vampires?
  • Do you have a strong desire to ease the pain of others, struggle with codependent relationships and often become a doormat?
  • Are you highly sensitive to other peoples moods, energy and opinions?
  • Are you overcome by the challenges, suffering and violence in the world?

If several of these points resonate, you’re probably a disempowered Empath. Empathy is a gift when it is properly managed and understood. You can find peace and
acceptance and come to love yourself.

In this enlightening virtual workshop you will discover how to become an Empowered Empath, with effective energy tools to keep yourself balanced, aligned and living on purpose.

Step into a new awareness about yourself and your gifts! Shift your perspective and better understand your purpose in the world.

Become aware of what makes your energy system unique. Come to understand your superpowers and begin to step into them so that you can experience deeper freedom and fulfillment.

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Wednesday, November 4
Investment: $25

Register through A Time for Karma