Heal Your Chakras

Heal Your Chakras workshop
Discover the Nine Major Chakras and how they impact your life. Understanding these energy centers and improving their flow can enhance your health, happiness, abundance, love & success. Mastering them can truly transform your life.

When your energy is depleted or weak you often feel stuck, depressed, anxious and/or exhausted. It is more difficult to manage your thoughts and emotions, stay healthy and live in peace and harmony. When we work on our chakras and clean up old programming, we raise our vibration and synchronistically attract higher vibrational people and situations into our lives.

In this virtual workshop you will learn:

  • the connection between your physical & spiritual body
  • how to assess the chakras
  • techniques for healing and balancing your energy centers
  • which Angels, essential oils & crystals support each chakra

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Thursday, October 22
Investment: $25

Register through A Time for Karma