Infinity Healing Session

What is Infinity Healing?

infinity healing session with Clare HollywoodYour conscious mind is only aware of 5–10% of what is going on, the subconscious holds the key to the 90% that is below the surface. What Infinity healing does is use your Higher Self, which knows you better than you know yourself, to direct the flow just where it needs to go.

Infinite Source is the ultimate healer and connects directly with your being to work on the areas that are ready to be transformed. The Infinity healing protocol utilizes prompts and your free will to bypass obsolete programming and instill new ways of being, ensuring gentle yet radical changes to your bioenergetics and subconscious mind.

It clears the stubborn programs that come from parents, ancestors, past lives, karma, the collective, your environment and more. Infinity healing transmutes and replaces your blocks with Divine Love and recalibrates you with your Infinite Self.

What can I expect?

In this 48-minute session, I will receive intuitive guidance from your personal team of Angels, Guides & Masters to target, heal and transform your core blocks. We focus on one-theme per session, based on where you feel most challenged: love, empowerment, career, health, relationships, finances, addictions etc…

Using Infinity healing, your Higher Self will direct the flow of energy exactly where it needs to go, for your highest good. We connect with the field of Infinite Love to release your blocks at root, cause and core. Many people report powerful shifts in just one session, clearing limiting beliefs, traumas, emotions, fears, self-sabotage, abuse and inner child wounds.

You will receive a recording of the clearing and can return to it over time to move to higher levels of fulfillment and well-being.

What ever you decide to work on, that healing is set on autopilot, meaning source will keep working on it for as long as is needed. Infinity healing works across all space-time and dimensions, down to the cellular level and DNA: It doesn’t matter if the challenge is related to a past life, ancestral or the collective consciousness.

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Exchange $108

* Recording of the Attunement is included

Work with Clare

60 minute session: $108
Remote via Zoom or in-person, recording included

I am committed to respecting your privacy, needs and time. Please respect my scheduling and honor the 24-hour cancellation policy for our sessions together.

Thanks and Infinite Blessings.