Learn to See Auras

Learn to See AurasThe Aura is part of the ancient spiritual traditions around the world. It is the field of energy that surrounds everything which exists. It is regarded as a map of the thoughts, feelings, blockages, personality traits and beliefs surrounding a person. It also reflects their state of health and spiritual development.

Knowing how to read the Aura is a valuable skill for healing, improved communication and developing your psychic senses. Anyone can learn how.

In this workshop you will learn…

  • how to activate your psychic abilities so that you can learn to “see” or “sense” the Aura
  • simple techniques to assist you in reading the Aura’s of trees, crystals, animals and people
  • the many layers of the human Aura, their purpose and the information they hold
  • the meanings behind the different colors of the Aura
  • a simple tool to train your eyes to “see” the Aura
  • how to cleanse your Auric field to improve your daily life

Join Our Workshop

Tuesday, July 30
Investment: $25

Location: A Time for Karma
14 S Village Ave
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
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