Navigating Your Spiritual Awakening

navigate your spiritual awakening workshopHumanity is at a critical point in its evolution. World crisis has catalyzed a mass Awakening. We have been pulled out of our comfort zones and forced to go inward, while dealing with massive change both internally and externally.

Are you:
Desiring to Shift Your Reality?
Feeling Lost?
Feeling Changes in Your Heart?
Feeling Highly Sensitive?
Experiencing Overwhelm, Depression or Anxiety?
Noticing Personality Changes?
Feeling Disconnected or Alone?
Having New Psychic Experiences?
Remembering Past Lives?

This is can be a very uncomfortable time; immense change can happen quickly. Many people struggle or get stuck in the process.

In this virtual workshop you will discover tools & strategies to support you during this time, so that you can experience greater peace, trust, balance, harmony & illumination as you move towards wholeness and greater awareness of your path & purpose.

While our current global state may be disheartening, you do not need to struggle through this period blindly. When you understand the higher perspective and embrace the process you can thrive in this new chapter of your life.

Join Our Workshop

Thursday, November 19
Investment: $25

Register through A Time for Karma