Past Life & Soul Exploration

Your present life is just a chapter in the story of your soul.
We all have past life memories stored deep within our unconscious minds. Many of us have had glimpses through meditation, the dream state or through sudden flashes of insight.

Past Life and Soul ExplorationWe have brought many experiences into our present life that affects us both positively and negatively. Powerful healing can take place when you see the bigger picture regarding significant relationships, fears, challenges and talents.

During this workshop you will be gently guided into a deep state of relaxation to access the stories from previous lifetimes when your soul simply inhabited a different body. Learning from these past experiences can create profound shifts in your present life.

A past-life regression allows you to experience other lives you have lived, discover your life’s purpose and receive guidance from your Higher Self.
It can also help…

  • provide answers to the patterns that are reoccurring in your life
  • explain your relationship drives and dramas
  • alleviate stress and bring you peace of mind
  • assist you in greater self-awareness and therefore greater self-fulfillment
  • clarify why you are attracted to certain people or places
  • understand the root cause of fears, anxieties and phobias
  • empower you to live your life in greater alignment with your Soul

Join Our Workshop

Sunday, March 24th

Exchange $40

Body & Soul Fitness and Yoga
52 B Wall Street
Huntington, New York 11743

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