A Personal Message from Clare

My name is Clare and I am the founder of Healthy Alchemy, a Spiritual Wellness Academy on Long Island, NY.

In my early 30’s I had it all, the husband, the house, a successful career, a multiple six-figure income, world travel and a very comfortable life.  Then it all began to unravel; I lost the job, the home, the husband, my savings and the life I was comfortable with.  It took over a decade of struggle, but I later realized that bottoming out was truly a gift.  After being stripped of everything I had identified with, it sparked a deep awakening, restructuring and transformation in my life, bringing me greater satisfaction than I had ever experienced prior.

All my life I have been passionate about spirituality, holistic living and the healing arts. As a devoted personal development enthusiast, I read hundreds of books and took countless seminars; I was on a mission to BE my authentic self!  I began learning about the human energy field at a very young age and found out I could heal myself and quickly; I have had numerous personal healing experiences.

My mother was ahead of her time, an RN who believed in holistic living and integrative medicine. She was “natural” way before it was fashionable. You wouldn’t find soda or sugar cereals in our house. There were no packaged foods, mom made everything from scratch and she was a great baker! No desserts in the house unless they were homemade, she often made homemade whole wheat bread that we would slather it in butter with honey.

She talked about the angels all the time, it was as if we lived amongst them; they were just a part of life. She introduced me to the work of Edgar Cayce at a young age through her healing therapies. The first place she went if anyone was sick was the Edgar Cayce handbook. We would try his treatment and only if it didn’t work—and it normally did—we would go to the doctor. She had tons of alternative therapies that she embraced and shared with others; she was a resource for so many people. The only medicine she kept in the house was St. Joseph’s aspirin. She was a big fan of St Joseph; after all he helped her find my dad, all the way down in Argentina. But they are a love story for another day…

By the age of 10, I was reading books on Edgar Cayce, Angels and later Shirley MacLaine. I remember learning about the chakras and being amazed by them. I loved to gaze at the inside book cover, the silhouette of a body with rainbow colors that ran up its spine. I learned of past lives and the Akashic Record. I couldn’t get enough of Science, the Cosmos and Ancient Civilizations! Since this was before the Internet, I was enthralled by anything on television that fit these genres.

As a child I had lots of psychic experiences, through dreams mostly, sometimes I saw flashes. The things I saw came to pass. I shut down my gifts in my early teens and put them aside, only to choose to explore them again shortly after high school, very slowly at first but with increased intensity over time.

Yoga changed my life. It wasn’t until I was entrenched in a high-pressure job that I discovered it. I was hooked, after my first experience! I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after a 20-minute practice.

I was married at the time and my husband saw a huge change in me. He was thrilled that I had “lightened” up. It got to the point where he would ask, “Did you do your yoga today?” if I was moody or overreacting to something, nudging me to get centered and balanced. It made a huge difference in my life and I could feel it! It was a miracle I thought, my drug became yoga, and it was wonderful and satisfying. When I lost my job a few years later, due to politics, I was so grateful that I had found this wonderful tool to help me traverse the challenges that followed.

One of the things that helped in my transformation was taking on a triathlon in 2010.  I did it on a whim and I had never done anything like it—at the onset I didn’t believe it was even possible, I didn’t consider myself an athlete at all. I used quantum meditation techniques to assist me and proved to myself that I could do anything I put my mind to! Three months later, I finished my first triathlon, an Olympic length. I completed a 1-mile open water swim, 22-mile bike and 6.2-mile run.  It was an amazing experience!  And I went on to swim across the Great South Bay two months later (5.25 miles).

My tenacity created breakthrough after breakthrough, I released blocks, emotions and negative programming and transformed my life by bringing myself into alignment with my Authentic Self. As I did this, my spiritual gifts became stronger and stronger and I began living a more heart-centered life. I believe we all have a Divine Purpose and the ability to heal, transform and become self-realized.

Humanity is advancing into the next level of Human Evolution; now is the time to reclaim wholeness, balance, cooperation and health for all living things for the greatest good of all. With so many people in crisis today, seeking solutions to all of life’s challenges, I hope to shorten the learning curve by offering inspiration, powerful energetic tools and life-changing strategies so YOU too can experience the transformation you desire.

I believe that YOU have a Divine Mission to heal yourself and as you do, you will transform not only your own life, but also the lives of those you love and come in contact with, which will ultimately assist in the transformation of our planet.

YOU are your own guru. All I want, is to share with you my ever-developing understanding of what it means to be an evolving Human in this special time as we welcome in the New Earth and Collectively Awaken to our multi-dimensional selves sparking self-mastery… the Alchemy of Self.