Upcoming Events and Webinars

Moving Into Mastery—Virtual Masterclass

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 @ 7pm EST on Zoom

This Moving into Mastery webinar is taking place in the wake of the June 20 Summer Solstice, the balance point of all creation, an auspicious time for inviting in your heartfelt desires! Humanity is at a great precipice right now and there are many blessings on the other side waiting to unfold in the physical plane.

Activate your Abundance—Virtual Workshop

Tuesday, June 30th @ 7:30pm EST

In this eye-opening Virtual Workshop, you’ll be introduced to a simple yet powerful Self-realization tool and ritual that will assist you in harnessing your truest desires.

Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities—Virtual Workshop

Wednesday, July 15th @ 7:30pm EST

In this Virtual Workshop, you’ll be equipped with the basic tools & techniques to start tapping into your Intuitive & Psychic gifts.

Past Events

Weathering the Storm Online Course: For Lightworkers, Empaths & Sensitives

Classes begin on Tuesday, April 7 @ 6:30 pm Eastern via Zoom

Class dates: 4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26
This 8-week online course includes LIVE weekly lessons, LIVE Q&A, a weekly Healing Activation and exercises. Various subjects will be presented to aid you during this challenging time such as keeping your vibration high despite what’s happening outside of you, activating your gifts, integrating the shadow self and many more.

Webinar: Weathering the Storm

Thursday, March 26
5 pm

In this webinar, I will share tools that will help you NOW. This energy environment is extremely challenging. Get help so you can navigate through the turbulent waters and rise above Ego consciousness and the virus of Fear. Learn how to stay balanced, centered and open to receiving the guidance you need. This will open you to finding creative ways to address the current crisis and help you in rising to the occasion. We choose how we react to what happens outside of us.

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This class has been cancelled due to a mandatory closing and will be rescheduled soon. Please email Clare if you would like to be notified when it is rescheduled.

The Art of Receiving, Opening to the Miracle Zone

Saturday, March 21
12:00 – 1:30 pm
Investment $30 in advance; $35 week of
Emerge Yoga & Wellness

During this workshop, you will receive an Infinity Activation to recalibrate with your Infinite Self and release the subconscious blocks, self-sabotage, and imprinting that is preventing you from receiving all the good the Universe has in store for you.
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Become an Empowered Empath

Wednesday, March 25
7 – 9 pm,
Exchange $30 in advance, $40 at the door

Many people struggle with maintaining their energy and keeping their field in integrity around others. In this workshop you will discover where you fall on the Empath scale and how to properly care for yourself.
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Salt Cave Infinite Abundance Activation

Friday, March 6
Investment $40
Montauk Salt Cave West

During this Salt Cave Infinite Abundance Activation, we are going to transform the top-priority subconscious blocks, resistance and limitations within you so you can allow your highest desires to flow to you gracefully. You can create a life blessed with abundance, prosperity and joy in all areas of life — physical, mental, emotional & spiritual!
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Self-Love Workshop—Love Yourself More!

Saturday, February 29
12 – 1:30pm
Exchange $30
Emerge Yoga + Wellness Studio

True transformation occurs when we embody a new way of being. During this workshop unlock your potential and become the person you dream of being, learn to stop settling for less than you desire and increase your peace, pleasure and intuition. Embrace a new beginning with us.
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I’m a Lightworker, Now What???

Monday nights @ 7pm
January 13 & 27, February 10 & 24
Exchange $25 in advance, $30 at the door
Replenish Health and Wellness Center, Huntington

These classes are for those who are on the path of Awakening, who are ready to Expand their Consciousness. These powerful teachings will boost your confidence, intuition and trust in your own abilities.
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Become a Magical Moon Manifestor

Wednesday, February 12th
Exchange $25
A Time for Karma

Each lunar phase gives you a spiritual clean slate on which to launch a new beginning. During this workshop, learn how to consciously manifest with the Magic of the Moon and live a more fulfilling and inspired life.
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Intro to Pendulum Dowsing

Wednesday, January 29
Investment: $25
A Time for Karma

Join us for this fun and empowering 2-hour interactive workshop! You will learn everything you need to know to start building a relationship with your pendulum and begin seeking guidance for the questions you want answered.
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Miraculous 2020

Friday, January 10
Investment: $40
Montauk Salt Cave West

Ready to leave behind the struggle of the decade of old, and step into a new decade of heightened potential? The transformative energy of the SALT CAVE will support you in embracing the potential of this amazing year ahead with grace and ease!
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Advanced Pendulum Workshop

Wednesday, October 23
Exchange $25
A Time for Karma, Rockville Centre

If you already know the pendulum basics and you are ready to take your practice to the next level, this class will move you forward!
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Cleanse, Clear and Reboot

Friday, November 22
6 – 7pm
Exchange $40
Montauk Salt Cave West, Montauk Salt Cave West

Join us and experience a simple yet profound practice that brings in greater harmony, balance and peace of mind. You can become right with yourself and others while rejuvenating yourself, your relationships and your life!
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Introduction to Essential Oils

Tuesday, October 15
Exchange $25
A Time for Karma, Rockville Centre

If you’ve been curious to know more about the benefits and uses of essential oils, come and experience their power for yourself! The purest essential oils can deliver quick and effective results for so many things.
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Become a Magical Moon Manifestor

October 3
Exchange $30
Intuition, Cold Spring Harbor

During this workshop, learn how to consciously manifest with the Magic of the Moon and live a more fulfilling and inspired life.
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