Ready to TRANSFORM Your Life?

Manifestation Secret of the Ancients—Learn How to Use the Sri Yantra

During this workshop, you’ll be introduced to a simple yet powerful self-realization tool that opens you to harnessing your truest desires utilizing the Universe’s most sacred laws.

This esoteric technology revered by scientists, ancients and mystics will help you rapidly EXPAND and TRANSFORM your LIFE. Best of all, you can start immediately with no previous knowledge and you will experience the ALCHEMY deep within yourself and within your outer experience.

With a minimal time commitment (less than 15 minutes a day), you will experience:

  • An opening to universal patterns, phenomenon’s and synchronicities
  • Solutions will come to you more easily
  • Things will fall into place more easily
  • The assistance and tools you need to move forward on your path will be drawn to you
  • Vibrant health
  • Financial abundance
  • Loving relationships
  • Business success
  • Deeper connection to intuition and spirit

Join Our Workshop

Thursday, August 15th

Investment: $25

Location: A Time for Karma
14 S Village Ave
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
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