• Are you tired of feeling hopeless, anxious, worried and depressed?
  • Do you want to accelerate your awakening and help others to awaken too?
  • Perhaps you feel called to make a difference?
  • Do you want to follow your heart and find your purpose?

This is a time of Great Opportunity!

weathering the storm online course

Weathering the Storm Course

Quantum Leap into the New Earth Paradigm

For Lightworkers, Empaths & Earth Angels

We have been thrust into unprecedented times. There is no turning back; the planet is in reboot mode. Faced with a global pandemic that has served as a catalyst for a mass Awakening, there is much uncertainty and our future is unclear.

From Crisis comes Transformation

All that does not serve is now being purged, as the light is cast on the shadows for all to be revealed.

Are you prepared to to rebound from this global crisis and thrive amidst the chaos?

“No matter what is going on in the world around you,
you can awaken to a greater version of you and glean a higher perspective. Starting now, you can shift your energy & transform your life amidst the chaos
and help lift others as well!”

~ Clare Hollywood
Energy Alchemist, Ascension Coach & Divine Cheerleader

This time has been prophesied for ages through spiritual texts, mystics and sages.

At these heavy times, planet Earth is seeking balance and harmony. No matter what is going on, you can be strong, self-directed and in flow. Get the help you need to navigate through the turbulent waters, face your fears and emerge victorious.

This course will open you to finding creative ways to address the current crisis and help you in rising to the occasion.

We all have a role in the planetary Ascension!

Your Light is needed to lift the vibration of the planet, to move us into higher levels of consciousness, so we can manifest the most optimal timeline for the Most Benevolent Outcome for All.

You know you are a powerful light being that is waking up to your potential. You chose to be here at this time, on planet Earth to be a part of the Great Awakening and you are needed more than ever now.

This course was designed to support
Lightworkers, Empaths & Earth Angels in
navigating the wave of transformation with greater ease,
providing you with a higher perspective along with practical
and spiritual tools to help you stay balanced, centered and
open to receiving the guidance you need.

Here is what you will get as part of this self-directed course…

• Nine pre-recorded modules include…

  • Survival in Crisis
  • Building Auric Field Immunity
  • Becoming an Empowered Empath
  • Owning Your Superpowers
  • Ascension & Alchemy
  • Unlocking DNA Potential
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Seizing the Opportunity for Transformation
  • Moving into Mastery, Becoming the Divine Human

• 11 downloadable MP3 Healing Activations: Infinite Timeline Adjustment, Embodying your Divine Self, Activate your Divine Soul Blueprint, Octahedron of Light, Auric Field Immunity Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Quantum Transmutation of Energy Blockages, Gratitude with Archangel Raphael, Violet Flame Activation, Activate your DNA Potential, Ho’oponopono Clearing. All Activations are evergreen and are encoded to be advantageous in all time.

• 12+ Tools, practices & exercises to support you in transformation

• All lessons, slides & videos are available for download

Imagine having a toolbox to…

  • Awaken & Embody your True Self — Let the True You Shine
  • Step onto your Path of Light
  • Quantum Transmutation of Energy Blockages
  • Using Sacred Geometry Codes for recoding your biocircuitry
  • Keep your Vibration High despite outer Turmoil
  • Understanding your psychic gifts and getting in better touch with your Inner Guidance System
  • Living in the new 5D paradigm
  • Keeping your Vibration High despite the Turbulent times
  • Managing Your Energetic Boundaries — Tools & Techniques to discern what energy is yours and what belongs to others
  • Strengthening your Auric field for greater Empowerment & Energy
  • Understanding the Ascension process and where you are in it
  • Heal & Integrate the Shadow Self
  • Better Understand your Multi-dimensional Anatomy
  • Activate your Divine Gifts and Psychic Senses
  • Move into Self-Acceptance, Confidence & Self-Love
  • Activate the Higher Chakras and Dormant DNA
  • Ascend to Higher Levels of Consciousness
  • Understand the Universal Laws that govern reality
  • Improve your Manifestation Abilities
  • Experience deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • Realize Your Dreams and Step into your Purpose

All this and more is possible!

With the Weathering the Storm online course, you will discover the bigger picture behind the current planetary crisis. Clare will share a blend of practical and spiritual tools to transform your life touching on different branches of study including science, energy, psychology and ancient esoteric practices. You’ll discover how to begin to access more of your potential, have greater fulfillment and purpose.

weathering the storm


In order to make these essential teachings available to as many people as possible during this unprecedented time, there are two payment options available. You will receive nine modules covering 18 hours of training, a substantial tool box, and eleven healing activations to support your expansion.

  • Pay $222 in full
  • Or two–monthly payments of $122

I’m confident this course will have a positive impact on your life, as it already has for so many. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel within 30 days for a prompt refund.
money back guarantee

Pay in Full $222

2 Payments ($122 x2)

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Testimonials for Weathering the Storm Course

I absolutely loved the Weathering the Storm class. It was amazing from start to finish. Clare gave us practical methods, meditations, resources and tools. All I have implemented has triggered so many breakthroughs and accelerated my spiritual growth far beyond my expectations. I have been working on self love for many years and it always felt forced and a waste of time. But one day after a few weeks doing some of the techniques and meditations Clare taught, out of nowhere, I saw myself in the mirror and felt “Wow, I really love you”. And again that night, before I fell asleep I said to myself, I love my life and I really love myself.  Out of nowhere! I just genuinely felt it. I am so grateful for her dedication and commitment and I can’t wait for her next class! Eternally Grateful,
~ Paula G. Jericho, NY

I am forever grateful for all the support and coaching Clare has given to me in my journey in healing and spiritual growth over the years. Clare’s recent course, Weathering the Storm has given me a comprehensive and deeper understanding to the road of Ascension as well as provided various effective tools to help guide in healing my mind, heart, body and soul. Since taking this course, I have been able to connect with my true inner self and gain an inner power to heal and release old wounds and energy in order to take control of my life. Now that I have the knowledge and tools from this course, I am mentally and emotionally stronger every day. I have gained more trust in myself and my ability to heal my mind, heart, and body. I have lost a significant amount of weight as I continue to make healthier choices and my body is transforming before my eyes. I have found motivation and excitement in taking the steps to creating a career that aligns more with my true Soul Purpose. For the first time in my life I can clearly see the future that I want to create for myself and I know and trust I have the power to make it all happen. Thank you, Clare for your course in Weathering the Storm! It has been my saving grace in moving forward to create a new life filled with love, light and joy. I am forever grateful for you!!! You are a true blessing to me and I thank you!!!
~ Roshanda Nicole, Mineola, NY

I was privileged enough to be apart of the Weathering The Storm online course with Clare. I knew I was drawn to this course for a reason, you see, ever since I was young I was very sensitive very emotional, I felt like I didn’t fit in with the other kids.  As I became an adult I still experienced this, only it was heightened.   My father use to say to me grow a backbone and stop being so sensitive, you’re showing that you’re weak when you display emotion or cry.  He use to say people will walk all over you.  Well guess what, after taking this course I realized that I am special.  I learned that being highly sensitive person is a gift not a curse. Clare made me realize that I have a job and purpose here on earth to do good and to help and love others who need help. This course has opened my eyes and has made me appreciate who I am and has changed my life for the better just by knowing I have this gift of empathy and I can share what I have learned from this course to help others who may struggle. Thank you Clare for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing course.
~ Debbie I, Dix Hills, NY

Whether you are new to metaphysics and spiritual growth or you have been on the path for decades, Clare will inspire you to go deeper within yourself to reach your highest potential.  In her Weathering the Storm course  I learned new methods to clear self-limiting beliefs and patterns, as well as how to strengthen my connection with my angel’s and guides. Her energy activations in each class are powerful and enlightening. One was so powerful I felt a physical release in the back of my neck. I experienced several “aha” moments during this course, truths that spoke to my soul. Clare has also helped  me to remember to view challenges from a higher perspective, to stay grounded, and to see a higher purpose during these tumultuous times. I love that I can go back into each class at any time for a refresher!  Thank you Clare.
~ Denise R. Merrick, NY

I was impressed with the knowledge Clare had to share and how she not only discussed the spiritual aspect of the topics, but also touched upon different branches of studies. The way she bridges Science & Spirituality, as well as Psychology, in her teachings make for very informative and interesting classes.  I also like that she provides references and resources so that you can further explore the various topics she discusses. I think this is a nice take-away because even after the class is over, you can better understand and continue to learn, research and put into practice what was taught.  I highly recommend taking her courses.
~ Clara S, Williston Park, NY

I highly recommend Weathering the Storm with Clare! Whether a newcomer or experienced energy worker, you will find this class inspiring.  I continue to use the weekly meditations as wonderful tools and practical advice for my daily practice.  In my experience Clare invites you to transmute fear to courage, courage to hope and hope to self love and joy.
 ~ Laura C. Huntington NY

Wow, Clare’s course “Weathering the Storm“ was of great value! Clare is delightful and committed to adding as much value as she can to our growth and development. I experienced considerable growth in a relative short period of time. I found myself becoming aware of my shadows and moving through and embracing them with relative ease.  The activations and meditations, were profound, I feel my energy and awareness has shifted. I’ve taken on some of the practices from the course and do them daily, they don’t take long. I experienced healing of old stuck energy and emotions that I didn’t even realize were there. In one exercise, the forgiveness one, I saw flashes of my past, things I did in my youth, things I’ve never thought of before. I felt emotions come up embarrassment, shame, sadness, anger & blame on myself, these feelings passed quickly as I was able to embrace, heal and release them with love and gratitude for the lessons they brought and the strengths I gained as a result or compensation which have served me well. In the end I was left with love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness of myself in all ways!  Thank you Clare.
~ Lisa S, Ridge, NY


More Testimonials for Weathering the Storm Course

I have been a student of Clare’s for many years and she has helped me expand my awareness of my body, mind and spirit. Clare is an amazing teacher who is very thorough with her information and in her expertise on creating a better life individually and for the world. I am very grateful to have her in my life especially in these times of uncertainty.
~ Debbie T. Woodbury, NY

I found Clare to be an outstanding, trustworthy and authentic teacher of knowledge, guidance and leadership in my search for higher consciousness.  I’ve never known a teacher with such an in depth field of information, of tools and of spiritual practices to help me awaken.  Her past course which we completed last week, helped me refocus on areas I emotionally have needed to re-examine and new teachings to help push me upward on my spiritual journey.  I felt protected and guided by her humbleness and outpouring of love.
~ Irene B. Bayville, NY

Taking your course Weathering the Storm was an incredible experience!  For years I have had this sense that I was missing something.  Your class helped me put all of those pieces into place.   I accept that I still have lots of work to do, but  this course has opened my eyes, heart and mind to an enlightening  journey that I am looking forward to each and every day.  I have a completely different mindset and the strength to work through angst that often would cripple me prior to taking the class.  Thank you for taking me down this path!
~ Annie D. Babylon, NY

Participating in Weathering the Storm made dealing with the pandemic possible. I was able to use tools to cope with the fears, unknowns, and concerns about what was happening. It ended up being a learning, peaceful and hopeful time for me. I felt empowered and more grounded in my spiritual practice. I am forever grateful to Clare for offering such a wonderful course.
~ Linda Rose, LCSW, lindarose.org, Williston Park & Glen Head, NY

This course provided me with a much needed source of peace and reassurance that our world, though going through some of the most trying & difficult times, is on the mend. Clare is a beautiful spiritual teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share. Her classes are a gift to is all!
~ Sherry Ryan, Baldwin, NY

Clare has been a true and inspiring mentor to me! I first met her when I attended a few of her classes and very quickly just knew that she was going to be instrumental in guiding me on my spiritual path. In the Fall of 2019 I was ready for my next step – I needed to know more about my soul’s purpose and why certain patterns kept repeating in my life. Clare read my Akashic Records and when we met and discussed, EVERYTHING in my life made sense! With Clare’s guidance I have gained insight into past lives, experiences, lessons and choices I have made and I am learning to perceive my life from a much higher perspective. I now view every day through the lenses that Clare has enlightened me to, and I am living from the perspective that everything and everyone that comes into my life is truly a blessing or a blessing in disguise. “Everything is being done for you,” is my mantra! I recently finished an incredible course with Clare, “Weathering the Storm,” which has truly been exactly what I needed to move onto the next steps in my soul’s ascension. Her classes gave me tools that I am currently working with to raise my consciousness level and I have received signs from Spirit that I am on the right path! Something resonated with me in each of these classes, and I am getting better and better at being in the Universal flow and trusting that all will be as it should be, no matter how it seems in the moment and on the physical plane. Best of all, each class had wonderful, printable materials that I use for reference all of the time, and activations that I listen to over and over. I will forever be grateful for the blessings Clare has enabled me to unlock in my life and in the lives of those around me. I am filled with joy and serenity when I am able to use one the gifts she has helped me to discover and strengthen in myself, especially if it is in the service of another.
Clare has been a most special gift to me!
~ Stacy C. Garden City, NY

I am awakening to my spiritual gifts and I have Clare to thank for this. I have been going to Clare’s classes and on-line webinars for approximately two years now, and of course it was divinely guided when she came to me in a vision and was meant to be my mentor/teacher. I didn’t know what I was going through and maybe even thought I was going a little crazy until Clare showed me how to own my gifts and by using a lot of Clare’s techniques not only did I embrace my gift as an empath/lightworker, I met my other half, the love of my life. Clare’s knowledge, meditations/activations, materials and positive energy have brought me to acknowledge and accept myself as a lightworker. I could not have made this journey without Clare. I am so grateful for her gifts and talents. Clare is the real deal. If you are looking for spiritual growth then Clare can put you straight on that path. Thank you Clare because without you I would be lost in the darkness. You let me see all my gifts and I am proud of who I am. I have a plan and I am going after all my dreams, stay tuned.
~ Wendy Collins, Hicksville, NY

Weathering The Storm offered a much needed, in depth perspective to these trying times. Clare explained how there is actually a spiritual rebirth occurring, allowing for all of the toxicity of the past to come to the surface to be purged. I had personally found my spiritual journey “blocked” as a result of all the chaos, but this course definitely enabled me to get mind/body/spirit back on track. An excellent experience!
~ Ellen N. Merrick, NY

Your course has been a beautiful gift and inspiration for me especially at these trying times. I truly resonated with all you shared from week 1 through week 8. I may not know you well personally but you have much warmth as a teacher. I carry you in my heart as a dear soul sister. Peace, love and joy be yours,
~ Jill M. Long Island, NY

I have been attending Clare’s workshops and classes for many years now and have never been disappointed. Her classes are fun and well organized and I always come away with knowledge and tools that help me in my life. I can honestly say I’ve become a better person because of Clare. I recently took the “Weathering the Storm” course and found it amazing. I understood myself better and learned tools to help me navigate these stressful times. I highly recommend Clare and her workshops.
~ Ann Breen, Shirley, NY

I highly recommend Clare’s Weathering the Storm Course. As an empath, I found all of the information Clare provided to be relatable and helpful. The meditations included in each week were transformative & all of the skills she teaches are applicable and easy to incorporate into your life to really feel an ongoing shift! I was amazed at some of the instant transformations I experienced. Clare is amazing and has so much knowledge. Again, this is a course I highly recommend.
~ Jen, East Islip, NY

Weathering The Storm with Clare has been such a blessing in my life! Taking this course provided me with so much clarity and comfort through one of the most challenging times in history. Combined with Clare’s beautiful energy, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! This course was insightful, yet very practical. I’ve learned so much from taking this course with Clare’s ongoing support and keen attention to detail. A teacher who is committed to her students, Clare is top notch!  Weathering the Storm was like a beautiful rainbow midst the darkest of clouds — providing hope and inspiration for a brighter day!
~ Robyn S. Valley Stream, NY, Feng Shui Consultant, Intuitive Healer and Founder of www.ReikiandRouge.com

For me, Weathering the Storm was timely, informative and the source of many ahah moments . I have come away with an appreciation to truly live in the moment, trust my intuition and my inner voice. I’ve created a morning ritual of meditation, connecting with my spirit team to ground and protect me and keeping a gratitude journal. I’m doing the “work” and finally understand what the work is. I consider this course a reference guide. Clare provided us with a wealth of information, guided meditations and slides , so many tools to aid in our spiritual journey to ascension. As we enter a new age it is empowering to understand we are all connected.  It was a powerful experience to be a part of this course and truly feel the connection.
~ Amy Garbarini, Long Island NY

The Weathering the Storm Course has helped me so much on a spiritual and emotional level.  With what I have learned from this course, I have been able to understand why I am changing on so many levels. I have learned how to deal with the emotions and energies that come up in my life and why they are coming up. The meditations and activations from this course are amazing and have helped me so much to heal and continue moving forward on my spiritual journey. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is an empath or lightworker.  Thank you for this course Clare!
~ Linda C., California

Taking the “Weathering the Storm” course was amazing and uplifting. For the first time in my life, even while going through a Covid pandemic, it gave me a sense of calm in the storm around us. The techniques Clare has taught me from tapping, clearing, sending healing and the meditations that we have done can be used over and over again through all different types of circumstances we live through in life. The Octahedron of light was my favorite. Eye opening activations. I love the way Clare teaches. I recommend this course to everyone and will continue to take more of her classes.
~ Cristina Gregorat Almeida, Maspeth, NY

I have taken many classes with Clare over the course of ten years and they have all been life changing.  In the Weathering the Storm course, Clare provides many tools to help navigate the stress of present-day difficult times, and most importantly how to relax and reconnect with my Spiritual gifts.  It’s a great value – the best two hours of the week, and you learn so much. I highly recommend this course.
~ Sue M. Huntington, NY

Clare’s “Weathering the Storm” course was amazing! I learned so much from the very first class. Each class was better than the last. My favorite aspect of the course was that I learned valuable techniques that I can apply to everyday situations. Clare is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering taking one of her classes.
~ IP, Queens, NY

Disclaimer: The entire content of the Weathering the Storm Course is provided for educational purposes only. The information provided is not meant to diagnose any medical or psychological conditions nor to prescribe, prevent, treat, mitigate or cure any such conditions. It is not intended to replace a relationship with a doctor or mental health professional.