Weathering the Storm

For Lightworkers, Empaths & Highly Sensitive Individuals

Weathering the Storm

The planet is in Reboot mode,
this is a powerful Spiritual opportunity!

When was the last time the ENTIRE planet was focused on ONE thing and the safety of us all as a whole? With no judgment or discrimination.

The world will never be the same. The way we perceive ourselves, the planet and all humanity will never be the same.

We are ONE and we will get through this together!
From Crisis comes Transformation

Always remember you have the power and wisdom to handle anything that comes your way. No matter what is going on, you can be strong, self-directed and in flow.

In this webinar, I will share tools that will help you NOW. This energy environment is extremely challenging. Get help so you can navigate through the turbulent waters and rise above Ego consciousness and the virus of Fear.

Even our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are Viral!
You will also receive a healing activation to support you and
your energetic system at this critical time.

When we feel overwhelmed by an event that shocks us to the core, we can easily get caught up in Fear, Anxiety & Worry… making things far more challenging. We may find ourselves spiraling downwards. Our body and emotions are in reaction mode and we may feel confused, achy, sick, helpless and/or hopeless.

Learn how to stay balanced, centered and open to receiving the guidance you need. This will open you to finding creative ways to address the current crisis and help you in rising to the occasion. We choose how we react to what happens outside of us.

We all have a role in this planetary Ascension!

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